Civil Partnerships

Worried-2Dissolution of a civil partnership is a court-based process similar to divorce and you will need to seek legal advice for guidance.

The grounds for a dissolution are:

  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Two years’ separation (with consent)
  • Five years’ separation (without consent)
  • One partner has deserted the other for two years


You will not be able to apply for a Dissolution Order until a year has elapsed since the formation of the partnership.

Dissolution Orders are initially conditional and are then finalised six weeks after the making of the conditional Order.

We will work with you to gather all of the relevant information, prepare and issue the dissolution petition, and advise you on all of the issues that need to be considered when obtaining a dissolution including aspects relating to finances and children.


Within dissolution proceedings financial matters can be dealt with.

The courts will have the power to make provision for the division of property (including pensions), the maintenance of either civil partner and residence and contact with any children of the partnership.

The dissolution procedure takes between four and six months but may take longer if issues with finances need to be resolved.

It is usual for financial issues to be dealt with within the dissolution proceedings.

Sometimes this is the most important issue to clients as it will address decisions that need to be made about the partnership home and other assets.

There are numerous ways to resolve financial issues and your circumstances and priorities (as well as the approach of the other party) will dictate which is the most suitable for you


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