Children’s Commissioner sets out her priorities

Children’s Commissioner sets out her priorities

Posted by on Apr 20, 2015 in News

On 2 March, Anne Longfield OBE started as the new Children’s Commissioner of England. Her role involves promoting and protectiong the rights of children, especially those who are in care, who receive social care services, or who live away from home for any reason.

She has now set out her immediate priorities. There are as follows:

–        To work with children to ensure their interests are prioritised in decision-making both nationally and locally;

–        To secure improvements for vulnerable children in the care system;

–        To ensure adults and professionals that work with children recognise signs of abuse or neglect and act on these;

–        To secure real commitments from political parties to make children a priority following the election in May.

Ms Longfield said:

“I will spend my six year term as Children’s Commissioner stretching every sinew to improve lives of children – listening to what children and young people tell me and bringing their concerns to the table.”

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